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These are just some of the testimonies of those who have purchased our product

Facundo Espinosa

California, USA

I'm very happy with the Smartcov folding garage.
It's the perfect solution for my vacation home.

Martin Gonzanlez

Pilar, Argentina

Thanks to the Smartcov folding garage, I'm not anymore worried about the hail damaging my car.

Alberto Fernandez

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Everyday my car was wet and full of flowers and leaves.
Today thanks to the folding garage I go out with the car like new.

Dan Sztein

Florida, USA

Smartcov folding garages are the perfect solution for parking in my condo.
My two cars are protected perfectly every time.

Maxi Dupuy

Nevada, USA

My family and I can't be happier with the folding garage, it does not take up space and we can get it out of sight when the car is not at home.

Lucas Jones

New York, USA

I thought I wasn't going to assemble it alone.
It was easier than I thought and now I am very happy with my Smartcov.